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GNSS Antennas

GNSS Antennas

Patch-Type GNSS Antennas Compatible with GPS/Glonass/Galileo
Highly reliable Products with a long history of being used by Automobile Manufacturers

Model Name YOP-5270
Frequencies GPS 1575.42±1.023MHz
Galileo 1575.42±2.0468MHz
GLONASS 1597.807~1605.6305MHz
BeiDou 1561.098MHz ± 2.0468MHz
Operating Temperature -30℃~+85℃
Dimensions 35.5×30.4×11.7mm
Connector SMA
Cable Length 5000mm
Mounting Method Magnet
Weight Approximately 25g (excluding cable and connectors)
Waterproof Compliant with JIS D0203 S2
Customization may be possible upon request

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