Our Expertise

Technical ExpertiseActual Achievement as an Automotive Antenna Manufacture

Since the inception of our Antenna business in 1956, we have been developing compact, durable, and high-performance
automotive antennas to Automotive Manufacturers. Leveraging our accumulated expertise, we are dedicated to
developing antennas that serve various fields

Actual Achievement as an Automotive Antenna Manufacture

Offering 'Communication' Aligned with the Times

Our CapabilitiesOffering 'Communication' Aligned with the Times

Yokowo develops groundbreaking antennas that meet the needs of the era of IoT and 5G.
Leveraging state-of-the-art facilities, including electromagnetic field simulators and anechoic chambers,
we offer more than just 'antennas.' We provide 'communication' solutions, including optimal installation positions,
aligned with the specific use cases.