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Laminated Film Antennas for LTE

Laminated Film Antennas for LTE

Thin, Unobtrusive Antennas for Japan LTE Bands
Using double-sided tape, able to be attached to materials such as Glass and Resin that supports Radio Wave Transmissions

Model Name YOZ-52341
Frequencies LTE Band 18/26   815.79~829.21MHz
LTE Band 8   900.79~914.21MHz
LTE Band 19 Tx 830~845MHz
Rx 875~890MHz
LTE Band 21 Tx 1447.9~1462.9MHz
Rx 1495.9~1510.9MHz
LTE Band 1 Tx 1920~1980MHz
Rx 2110~2170MHz
Operating Temperature -30℃~+85℃
Dimensions 106×66×9mm
Connector SMA
Cable Length 3000mm
Mounting Method Double-Sided Tape
Weight Approximately 52g
Waterproof -
Customization may be possible upon request

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